Black Sea Poker began in 2005 as an exciting new venture in poker strategy.

Since then I, Vick Walliams, and my team have been conducting research into the optimal strategy for online poker. I was sitting on the shore of the Black Sea, my iPad resting on a towel as I listened  to the waves and played a few hands of video poker. That’s when I realized that there needs to be a whole revolution in how we strategize online versus in real life.

We  believe that playing online poker and casino games online is fundamentally different from land-based poker because of the way human beings behave differently behind a screen than in person. With the advent of video poker in the 1970’s and online poker in the 90’s, there is a huge need to deconstruct and understand how we approach strategy in video poker and online poker, which is both oddly isolational compared to classic poker, as well as having far more potential for huge winnings.

We’ve seen people read books and go to courses about poker strategy that focus on live play rather than virtual play, simply suggesting the skills can be transferred. But we at Black Sea Poker believe that there is no greater psychological disconnect than anonymity and isolation to the human brain. This great leap of perception affects the behavior of normal people everyday, and it’s a fool’s game to assume that it does not transfer onto how we think, react and strategize in an online poker context.

Thus, Black Sea Poker will soon be revealing the results of years of research into online poker strategy, which will likely make the online poker community far more self-aware and, likely, richer than ever before.