The future of Black Sea Poker will go hand in hand with the future of technology.

As Poker moves more and more into the technological sphere of existence (and indeed as technology becomes more and more interwoven with everyday life and experience) then Black Sea Poker will move along with it.

We hope that the big reveal of the Black Sea Poker video poker strategy and what we’ve been working years towards, our online poker strategy will change the face of online poker. Soon people will realize that not only does the internet affect how we speak, connect and behave online (anybody that’s seen an online ‘troll’ will know the strange effect of the internet on the human psyche) but it also changes the way we strategize. Many professionals visit casinos online to make extra cash.

Soon online poker will be revolutionized because of the work that Black Sea Poker is doing: there will no longer be books, courses and websites that devote volumes of prose to the interactions of players at a live poker table, with a line or two set aside to say that these strategies will transfer somewhat to online poker as well. No, there will be a whole new niche of publishing devoted to online poker strategy and discovering how the unique experience of anonimity and interaction affects the way people play poker.


It has often been a well known anecdotal fact that there are subtle shifts and changes in poker strategy when one goes from a live table to a virtual one. Black Sea Poker will be the future of online poker.