The best online craps guide in 2022

Craps is a dice game that has seen its popularity rise over time. Its rules vary only slightly between land-based casinos and online casinos. The key difference lies in the placement of the wager – in a casino, bets happen at tables where players sit around the craps game area; on the Internet, they happen through the software on screens (or web pages) that are accessed via desktop computers, mobile devices, or tablets. Let’s see the best online craps guide recommended by gambling site.

craps guide

The best online craps guide in 2022


The most important part of any craps game is what happens to your bet after you make it. A player may place a single bet or multiple bets, but each bet usually comes with different odds of winning. For example, if you place a $5 blackjack side bet on a particular role, you might receive 2:1 odds of winning $10. But a $15 double-up bet would come with 4:1 odds of winning twice the original amount ($30) without changing the original bet.


For a roll to occur, you need to throw three dice. Each dice will have two numbers – 1 or 6. They can be placed face up or face down. When rolling dice, there are various ways to determine whether you won. For instance, the most common way to win is by rolling 7-8-9. You also get paid when you roll doubles, triples, quads, etc. If you want to learn the basic rules of craps and how to play them, check out our beginner’s guide before hitting the tables.


Before going any further, let’s talk about payouts in craps. There are six possible outcomes of a roll – 3, 12, 21, 32, 41, and 52. These numbers represent the sum of the dice totals. Depending on which number you rolled, you could win anywhere from just a little bit to a lot of money. So, for instance, you might stand at $100 and have to decide whether you should keep going and risk losing all that cash, or whether you should quit while you’re ahead.

House Edge

Craps has one of the highest house edges in gambling. It’s not unusual for a $2 bet to return as much as $8! Of course, this doesn’t mean that every game is rigged – some games offer better payout percentages than others. However, the house edge is still very high compared to other table games like roulette or baccarat.

Craps Rules & Strategies



There are many betting options in craps. At the beginning of the game, you place your bet(s), either on a specific number combination or an entire column. After the first set of rolls, you then decide to switch your position of bet. Some people might prefer to do so because they think that certain combinations are more likely to appear during their next roll; others might opt to change positions simply because they feel lucky. Either way, it can be pretty difficult to predict the outcome of the rolls.

Roll Types

There are eight types of rolls – pass line, don’t pass line, Come, Pass, Don’t Pass, Field, Point, and Box. Most rolls start with the same sequence of numbers appearing at least once – three dice showing four consecutive numbers. However, you can roll a “box” when the dice show five consecutive numbers or something equally rare.

Roll Sequence

Rolling dice isn’t always an even process. Sometimes, the numbers you get are grouped oddly. This can sometimes lead to confusion, especially since there are several ways to interpret the results of these rolls. One rule of thumb is that sevens count as points. However, there are also cases where the dice seem to indicate that a point was made, but no points were scored (for example, getting a 7-7-6 instead of a 7-6-6). To avoid such confusion, try to memorize the following pattern of dice rolls: “Come-Pass-Don’t-Pass-Field-Box” or “Come-Don’t Pass-Pass-Don‘t-Pass-Point-Box.” Another great way to remember this is to combine both patterns into one sentence: “The dice roll 7-6-5-4-8-7-6-5-6-6-2.”

Odds/Payoff Calculation

After you’ve decided what type of role you’re looking for, you’ll choose between placing a single bet or splitting your wager into multiple bets. This is usually done based on the size of each bet. For instance, if you’d like to make a $20 bet, you would split your bet into two separate bets worth $10 each. Or, perhaps you’d decide to put only half of your original bet on a particular number. Once you have chosen your bet sizes, you’ll calculate the odds of winning. Simply multiply the amount of your initial bet by the percentage of the total bet that was wagered on that number. The result is known as the payoff.

In conclusion, craps offer a wide variety of betting methods and opportunities. There’s a lot to learn about different strategies before you start playing. Try out one of our online casino reviews and find the best casinos to play at today.