About Us

Black Sea Poker is created and run by Vick Walliams, who has got a keen interest in online poker strategy and believes that virtual or digital poker is not only an offspring of land based poker, but actually its evolution. Here’s a short excerpt from Vick to discover what Black Sea Poker is all about.

I’ve got a thing for Texas Hold ‘Em, which I first played in college. I was a blundering fool at first but once I caught onto the concepts behind it: that your strength was revealed not by how much you bet but by how you behaved at the table – I was fascinated and hooked on this game. When I graduated from college my buddies all went across the country for different jobs, travelling and further study, so I didn’t have anyone to play poker with anymore and I missed it. I tried out a local poker group but it was filled with older guys I didn’t have much in common with, so I went to the casino and got into video poker, which was way more fun and lively. When I was chatting to a friend of mine about how much I enjoyed video poker he recommended Golden Riviera Online Casino, which had a really fun selection of video pokers he could play at home. That was really up my alley! So I got an account and it struck me how different video poker and online poker is from what I’d learned at the table among my friends.

That’s why I decided to make the Black Sea Poker site. What’s the Black Sea got to do with anything, you might ask? Well, when I was vacationing at a resort on the Black Sea, this idea first came to me as I played video poker on my iPad at the beach. And it’s an exotic and beautiful location with a cool name so I figured, why not?

I hope Black Sea Poker makes you a better player and gets you winning. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the site!