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Welcome to Black Sea Poker, the poker strategy and history page for the modern day poker enthusiast.


Most poker sites regarding strategy focus on live interaction with other players, with tips on how to bluff and read other player’s facial features and body language in order to get a leg up on their opponents.

But we at Black Sea Poker thought that there may be a better way to strategize and conceptualize the everyday poker and online casinos experience of this new age of modern technology. From iPads to computers, from the train to a rooftop party, there is no place you can’t play poker in this day and age. So why is all  the strategy and advice given from professionals to amateurs so intensely focused on real life poker rather than its digital evolution?

The answer, we believe, lies in the fact that most professionals do play  best online casino payouts for us players as their main vocation, but perhaps as a distraction or alternative to real land based play.

But we at Black Sea Poker get that the average poker player in this millennium doesn’t have a weekly poker night, but a nightly poker session on their computers or phones! That’s why we decided to create this site dedicated to online poker strategy and video poker strategy. We’ve got the average poker player in mind, and want to give them the most relevant and exciting information they can get, including relevant information on online gambling.

So we welcome you to Black Sea Poker, the poker strategy of the future!