Zynga to Bring Real Money Poker to Facebook


Whether it is due to its very popular Facebook games or the numerous sources of controversy in the last couple of years, it is safe to say that everybody on the Internet has heard of Zynga. The social gaming giant has now taken a new step in the world of Facebook by introducing a brand new poker client. This client will allow Facebook members to enjoy real money poker. Due to the use of real money, this is a feature that can only be accessed by players who are based within the United Kingdom.

As some may recall, this is not the first venture that Zynga has made into the market of real money poker. In fact, it was back in April 2013 when the social gaming company introduced the Zynga Plus Poker product; this is a product that uses the partypoker software and network in order to allow real money gambling. Much like the recently launched app, Zynga Plus Poker can only be used by those who reside in the United Kingdom. At the time that it was launched, the poker community could only speculate what kind of effects the heavy player base of Zynga would have on the traffic at partypoker. However, the waters seemed to remain undisturbed as there looked to be no difference to the number of players on partypoker.

A few months later in July 2013, Zynga decided to go against its original plans to enter the United States real money market for online poker, releasing a statement that notes the company feels its big calling is to profit from free to play social games. With the release of the newest Zynga Plus Poker app on the UK Facebook, it looks as if though the company may have reconsidered its stance with real money poker–at least within the regulated markets.

The new Facebook app still uses the technology of partypoker and its traffic, but it now is fully integrated with the website and no longer requires that players download the partypoker client in order to engage in real money online poker gaming.