Lottery Winnings In The UK Are Used For Good Cause

The lottery can be seductive. The idea of winning £10,000, £100,000 or more is what has lured a lot of people into buying a ultimate-bet-poker-tablelottery ticket for one of the lottery games provided in the UK.

Recent winnings were to help save the St. Peter’s seminary, located in Cardross.

An arts charity was given £565,000 to save a derelict building, which is known by many as a masterpiece when it comes to modern architecture.

The Grant

The Heritage Lottery Fund issued £565,000 to NVA as a way to develop restoration plans for St. Peter’s Seminary. While the organisation still needs to raise another £7.5 million to complete the project, the grant is a good place to start.

Certain parts will be restored with the money that they have already given. This includes restoring the chapel. The rest of the site will be maintained with the money, allowing visitors to come in and walk through the modern ruins.

After 25 years of declining, the grant was able to give the building a second life. The seminary building is known throughout the world and it is only right that it is preserved.

The Scottish building has a variety of unique designs. This includes zig zags in the concrete as well as a modern structure. It was designed by Gillespie, Kidd and Coia, architects from Glasgow.

The Heritage Lottery Fund

The Heritage Lottery Fund in Scotland has used the money from the lottery in many different ways – and preserving history and architecture is one of them.

For people who do not claim their winnings by the deadline, the money is put back into the fund and used within the community. It can be said that lottery winnings was responsible for saving St. Peter’s Seminary.

Whether a person collects their winnings or not, the lottery is used to fund various projects. Countries around the globe utilise their lottery winnings to be able to improve upon communities and provide grant money to deserving organisations and groups that have a plan to enhance life or preserve history in one way or another.

Big Tickets In Canada Need To Be Claimed

A recent drawing in Canada resulted in a person sharing a jackpot with two other players. Winners have already come Texas-Holdem-pokerforward in Western Canada and Quebec. There is one more winner in Ajax, though the person has not come forward with the ticket.

Each ticket in the 6/49 drawing is worth $1,666,666.70.

There are a few other lottery tickets that haven’t been claimed as of yet, too. This includes an ENCORE ticket in Barrie that’s worth $1 million and second prize pool earnings where the ticket is worth more than $62,000.

There is only a limited time for lottery winners to contact the lottery agency to let them know that they have won. While this is generally sufficient time, there are instances where the money goes uncollected.

If someone has the winning lottery ticket, they need to come forward to collect their prize. If the deadline passes, a person has lost out on their ability to collect the money – which means that they gave up a significant amount of money.

Lottery Scams

When many people hear about lottery tickets that need to be claimed, they think of the lottery scams that take place all over the Internet.

These scams usually involve a person requesting help to claim a lottery ticket. They contact unsuspecting people to ask for help with claiming the lottery ticket in exchange for some of the winnings. This is one of the biggest scams going.

No one gets awarded any money. Instead, a person can find that their identity is stolen or their checking account is wiped clean by providing personal information to a complete stranger.

Claiming the Real Tickets

In Canada, there are winning tickets that haven’t been claimed as of yet. The lottery board knows where the tickets were bought but not who bought them. When they are trying to get the person to come forward before the deadline, they will publicize the fact that the tickets have not been claimed.

This sends out the message that everyone should double check their lottery tickets to find out if they are a winner.

JackpotCity Casino Will Now Allow Paypal Transactions

Since online casinos have started doing business, they have allowed accounts to be funded with credit cards, debit cards, and checking accounts. JackpotCity Casino announced on September 5, 2013 that they will add PayPal to the list of web wallets that they accept. Players throughout the United Kingdom will be able to add this as a way to fund their accounts with the online casino.

PayPal makes it easy to accept payments online and make money transfers. The e-commerce company operates globally and is the most widely used e-wallet around the globe. It is used throughout 190 countries, which includes the UK. Sending, receiving, and holding funds can be done so in 24 different currencies.

JackpotCity Casino Will Now Allow Paypal TransactionsPayPal was founded in 1998 and new technology is being added all the time. People are able to request money and there is now a mobile app that can make it easier to interact with one’s account.

JackpotCity Casino recently identified that players are looking for easier ways to deposit and withdraw money. While players have plenty of options already, PayPal is the most widely used e-wallet, so it only seems right that it should be added as another option for players. PayPal also uses state-of-the-art encryption tools along with fraud prevention technology, so suspicious activity is always being tracked. This is just one of the reasons why players want to fund their accounts with PayPal.

Players who go onto JackpotCity Casino can choose to fund their account using any method possible. When they are ready to collect their winnings, they will have the option to transfer to PayPal as well. For those who do not yet have a PayPal account, they will be given the option to create one instantly.

JackpotCity Casino feels that by adding PayPal as an option, they are positioning themselves to take their online gaming platform to the next level. There are a variety of games that players can enjoy on the website including slots, blackjack, and roulette. Players have already begun using PayPal to fund their accounts.

With JackpotCity accepting PayPal, it’s only a matter of time before more online casinos begin doing to the same.

Online Bingo Continues Its Success

Bingo has been around for centuries – and the modern computer technology has allowed bingo to take on a new form. Bingo Zone was launched in 1996 and this began the new form. Games were often free to the advertisers in order to pay for all of the expenses. Players would have to provide their geographic location so that advertisers would be able to promote games. There were about 75 and 90 ball bingo games with real cash prizes. Not surprisingly, it became an instant hit.

More bingo operators began to show interest. The downside was that the software took too much time to download onto the computers.

As technology continued to develop, chat rooms and game rooms were introduced. By 2006, online bingo had become very popular. Operators took their cues from online casinos and began offering players bonuses and various types of promotions.

Bingo has been popular with various ages, nationalities and demography. Many individuals took advantage of free games and the transition to online bingo was highly successful.

There are many advantages to online bingo. Real cash prizes or free merchandise being given for winners of the bingo games. The bingo games have been affordable and they are offered 24/7. New players are able to learn the game and even people who are not interested in gambling can take a chance on the free games because there is nothing to lose.

Online Bingo Continues Its SuccessAs technology continues to improve, online bingo has improved as well. It is available on computers as well as smart phones and tablets. Players have access to the game on all of their new gadgets. Mobile bingo has experienced a significant amount of growth and more websites are starting to a knowledge this.

Bingo Legacy has become a popular site amongst players, including women. A majority of the smartphone and tablet games are offering social interaction as well as the gaming experience. Those who want to enjoy the game as well as make new friends are able to do so simply because of the way bingo has evolved over the years.

As long as companies continue to maintain the social aspect of bingo, the game will continue to be a success online as well as on mobile devices.