PokerNews Cup Heading To Europe This Year

The PokerNews cup is a six-year-old event, which is scheduled to be held in October this year. Organised at the Montesino Pokertainment in Vienna, this year’s tournament can benefit from the charming European setting by bringing in more crowd.

The events

The main event has the attraction of guaranteed amount of €75,000. It is the highlight of the tournament and is expected to draw even larger crowds than the previous events. It will be held at two locations in Vienna to ensure greater participation and coverage of the event.

Poker NewsCup

The PokerNews tournament has become very popular within a few years, with a lot of reasons behind its success. One of the reasons is that the event offers something for everyone regardless of their expenditure budget for the tournament. The buy-in amounts remain low allowing everyone to participate if they wish to. For instance the main event has a buy-in of only €250 and other events have even lower amounts.

New players will be able to participate in games and gain experience in poker events by being a part of PokerNews Cup. In the long run, it has huge benefits for the organisers. Not only does it make the event more popular among varying crowds, but also helps the brand garner goodwill.

Extra specials

The organisers expect that the spectator crowd for the event is going to be huge on account of the prize money. The venue is also a draw for people not only from Europe, but elsewhere too.

Montesino offers many exciting options to non-players and provides them other sources of entertainment between tournament events. The organisers have also planned for fun activities other than the poker events like kart races and pool games to offer more to the crowd.

To encourage participation, PokerNews has many giveaways for the events. The participants get a chance to go to the Vienna event at little or no cost to them. The giveaways include free travel, free stay, party invites and not to forget entry to the main event at no cost. Not only this, the participants can now also book their seats for the main event before the start of the tournament.