Must Try Games at Casinos in Asia

Betting and gambling have provided joy and excitement to people across varied financial backgrounds across centuries since Roman times. Though land-based casinos in several Asian nations have been banned but online casinos are accessible in few of them bringing this gaming facility to people in these locations. These offer several gaming options to people like slots, keno, bingo, roulette, blackjack and poker. In locations where both types of casinos are legal in South East Asia traditional card games have also been integrated into popular games from around the world.



Bingo is a game of numbers wherein players are given tickets in matrix of 5*5 and have to match randomly given numbers. Players have to cross out numbers given on their tickets as they are called out and as soon as pattern is completed they have to call out Bingo. Card has to get checked for accuracy and then winner is declared after verification.


It is another popular game of luck than of strategy which allows players to relax without getting tense about moves and numbers. While land-based roulette is more interactive and players can enjoy company of friends while playing, online roulette can also be fun with live dealers.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is an intriguing game that is played by placing bet on any of the six symbols given in the game table. Players’ destiny depends on the wheel which is divided into equal sections separated by pins and is spun hard to decide the winner. When the wheel stops and pointer lies between two pins, players that have bet on symbol where it stops will be declared winners and will have to share the prize money.

Baccarat in Asia

The Talisman group has popularised EZ baccarat in Japan and elsewhere in Asia with symbols of dragons and pandas. It is popular in Macau and in this game standard 52 card decks are used without any jokers and wild cards.