High Roller Tournaments – The Australian Roots


As showdown poker has gained popularity over the past 10 years, the roots of this movement can be attributed, at least in part, to the television exposure garnered for the big events. In 2006, The Aussie Million introduced the “$100,000 Challenge” as a made for TV event. Ten of the best players in the world paid a buy in of $100,000 and made history. The winner of the first $100,000 Challenge was John Juanda.

The Effect of This Innovation in the World of Poker

These big buy-in showdowns were an immediate hit with the players and fans. The top names in poker began targeting these events and wealthy amateurs finally had tournaments worthy of their time. The fans were excited to see all the superstars lined up against each other in short fields in one and two days events. This led to more television exposure as these tournament were easier to cover and promote. In 2014, this tournament has grown to 76 players and a AU$2.0 million first prize.

Upping the Ante

These showdowns are now popping up at the largest venues around the world. Due to this popularity, The Crown Casino is introducing the new “$250,000 Challenge” which will be the closing event at the 2014 Aussie Million Tournament.

In the world of poker, things just keep getting bigger and better. The credit goes to the big promoters like the Crown Casino who pay attention and give the people want they want.