Winning Face of Online Poker Faces Big Losses

This Swedish online poker player has seen better days, and even better weeks. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has had his worst week of the year at his frequented high stakes online poker tables, reaching the lowest point his has seen since January.

At one point this year, Blom was up more than $5 million, but after multiple harsh losses, including the recent dropping of $560,000 over the past week, his winnings for 2013 are at a staggeringly low $650,000. That may seem like quite a chunk of change for most, but swedish online pokerfor Blom, who has played over 310,000 hands in online poker games this year, those winnings are rather lean.

Even with the terrible hands he has had the displeasure of playing lately, Blom still appears to be cheery. Fortunately for him, he is sponsored by Full Tilt Poker, and will most likely be able to continue playing, even after the bad streak that would force many players out of online poker action for good. Blom will probably see another grand increase in winnings soon, as he has many times before.

Since Viktor Blom has been suffering, who has been taking in the big winnings? German professional poker player Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker took in $631,000 over the past week, taking in $3 million dollars this year alone on Full Tilt Poker. Heinecker has also been winning the major jackpots during live poker tournaments, including a $4.5 million win at a 2013 live tournament in Asia.

Another big winner this week is Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, hailing from Mexico. Ivey took in approximately $530,000 this week, but sadly, winnings don’t cancel out a player’s troubles. He is down approximately $2.5 million on Full Tilt, and faces a court battle with a casino from London that is refusing to pay Ivey $12.1 million in baccarat winnings. Though Ivey states that there was a manufacturing defect in the cards, making it easy for him to win, he still feels as though he won the money fair and square.

It has certainly been an exciting and unexpected year for these and many other online poker players.

The top three online poker winners so far for 2013 are:

cottonseed1 with winnings of $3.43 million
Ben “Btech86” Tollerene with winnings of $3 million
Niklas “ragen30” Heinecker with winnings of $2.99 million

The three players with the worst losing streaks are:

Gus Hansen, in the negative -$4.44 million
MalACEsia, in the negative -$3.77 million
samrostan, in the negative -$3.08 million