Safe Online Casinos in the UK

Determining whether or not mobile or online casinos are safe for play is a process which becomes much easier with experience. The more you are around and are able to familiarise yourself with online casinos and their formats, the more of a sense you will grow for detecting unstable or unsafe environments.

microgaming-logoFor the most part, all gaming websites that show up either in legitimate advertising campaigns or trustworthy search engine results will, by default, be safe. The modern internet is very good at weeding out the undesirables, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take every single measure that is possible in order to ensure maximum safety. After all, there is money at stake here.

One rule of thumb when getting a feel for the safety of a mobile gaming service is to look at the software they use. If they stock games by the likes of Cryptologic or Microgaming, they are surely legit – as these companies are very strict in terms of licensing about who they do business with. By conducting a little research about these companies respectively, you’ll be able to better judge which platforms are good and which are bad.

Another way to detect safety in this industry is to examine what a website proudly or obviously displays on its pages as far as licensing and regulative certifications. If, for example, they’re proudly (and recently!) certified by the likes of eCOGRA then it’ll be safe. Once more, research on the matter will provide a significant advantage.

A general examination of any casinos website will definitely provide you with all of the information you need in order to make a competent decision – should you know what to be looking out for that is. You can make a start by reading up on licensing regulations – which nations have stricter terms.

The Strange Legal Status of Online Gambling in Germany

Although the legality of online gambling and sports betting in Germany is considered to be complex and contradictory, the actual enforcement of the laws is very lax due to numerous legal challenges that arise each time German laws are amended or updated.

European Union lawsIn 2012, German lawmakers approved a legislative proposal that would actually prohibit online casinos and Internet poker while assigning no more than 20 official permits for sports permits. The Bundestag has not moved to enact the new and controversial legislation due to jurisdictional challenges, which include what seems to be a contravention of European Union laws.

Online Sports Betting in Germany

The prospect of 20 licenses issued to sportsbooks for the purpose of legally operating in Germany for seven years has been welcomed by the online gambling industry, particularly because the current situation is that of a national wagering monopoly controlled by a single business entity known as Oddset. The European Union agrees that breaking up the monopoly is a good idea, but it would also like to see German legislation that is not too restrictive with regard to online sports betting.

Online Casinos in Germany

It may be difficult to believe that online casinos and Internet poker are currently illegal under German law. As expected, the rationale for this ban is that the people of Germany are concerned about the risks of gambling addiction and money laundering; however, the German market is one of the most lucrative for online casino operators.

The European Commission is concerned about how the law affects the reality of the current situation in Germany, which is that millions of people play at offshore casinos or at the local black market servers. By choosing to ban online gaming action, Germany may actually be increasing risk of criminal involvement.

PokerNews Cup Heading To Europe This Year

The PokerNews cup is a six-year-old event, which is scheduled to be held in October this year. Organised at the Montesino Pokertainment in Vienna, this year’s tournament can benefit from the charming European setting by bringing in more crowd.

The events

The main event has the attraction of guaranteed amount of €75,000. It is the highlight of the tournament and is expected to draw even larger crowds than the previous events. It will be held at two locations in Vienna to ensure greater participation and coverage of the event.

Poker NewsCup

The PokerNews tournament has become very popular within a few years, with a lot of reasons behind its success. One of the reasons is that the event offers something for everyone regardless of their expenditure budget for the tournament. The buy-in amounts remain low allowing everyone to participate if they wish to. For instance the main event has a buy-in of only €250 and other events have even lower amounts.

New players will be able to participate in games and gain experience in poker events by being a part of PokerNews Cup. In the long run, it has huge benefits for the organisers. Not only does it make the event more popular among varying crowds, but also helps the brand garner goodwill.

Extra specials

The organisers expect that the spectator crowd for the event is going to be huge on account of the prize money. The venue is also a draw for people not only from Europe, but elsewhere too.

Montesino offers many exciting options to non-players and provides them other sources of entertainment between tournament events. The organisers have also planned for fun activities other than the poker events like kart races and pool games to offer more to the crowd.

To encourage participation, PokerNews has many giveaways for the events. The participants get a chance to go to the Vienna event at little or no cost to them. The giveaways include free travel, free stay, party invites and not to forget entry to the main event at no cost. Not only this, the participants can now also book their seats for the main event before the start of the tournament.

Gambling: US Open Tennis Winner Odds

The US Open Grand Slam is close to a conclusion, with round of 16 and quarter final matches set to take place over the coming days. On the men’s side of the draw, there are many great players still left with a chance of claiming the giant trophy at Flushing Meadows. Here are the odds for the outright winner of the US Open Men’s Tennis tournament.

tennisNovak Djokovic is the clear favorite to come away with the trophy. After Rafael Nadal withdrew with an injury, Djokovic was the player most fans thought would emerge victorious. He lost in the final last year, is the number two player in the world, and is immense on hard courts. His odds are at 1/1 right now.

Despite his age, Roger Federer has shown some impressive form over the past few months. He was close to getting a grand slam at Wimbledon, but could not get enough decisive points at the right time. He will be looking to add to his huge grand slam tally at this event, and has sailed through to the quarter finals. However, his stamina will be an issue when he comes up against the likes of Djokovic. Does he still have the energy to compete with these younger players? His odds for victory are 5/2.

The third favorite for the event is Andy Murray. The British number one has fallen away in the rankings over recent months due to his inconsistent play. A change of coach has not helped him dramatically either. However, he has begun to look comfortable at this tournament, and will be a huge threat in the latter stages. His combination of great ground strokes and solid defense makes him an immense hard court player. Odds on Murray winning the tournament are 17/2.

There are a few other players who bookmakers think can pull off an outside victory. Stan Wawrinka is priced at 14/1, Tomas Berdych is at 20/1 while Gael Monfils is at 27/1. These players are unlikely to get past the “big three”, but one of them might be worth a bet if you are looking for an underdog to put your money on.

For more information on these odds, click here.

Businessman Sues Vegas Casino for $500,000

A prominent United States businessman is suing a high profile Las Vegas casino after claiming that he lost $500,000 while gambling drunk. Mark Johnston is an avid gambler, having frequented casinos around the world. He has lost and won plenty of money, and claims to never have caused such a stir before. Those facts make his claims all the more startling. The 50 year old says that he was duped into gambling while he was heavily intoxicated, and ended up spending close to 17 hours gambling.

Mark JohnstonNevada law clearly states that a gambler who appears to be drunk should not bee allowed to gamble. Casinos adopt a selective policy when it comes to that law, but this lawsuit shines a bright light on their practices. Mr. Johnston, a car dealership owner, says that he lost the money during Super Bowl weekend. He testifies that he already consumed ten drinks before he entered the Downtown Grand Casino, where he was served a further TWENTY alcoholic drinks by waitresses.

He admits that he is responsible for his prior drunkenness, but claimed that what the casino did to him was the equivalent of pick pocketing a drunk man who is stumbling down the street. His lawyer says that this case points to extraordinary fraud on the casino’s side. “My client was blackout drunk and ended up with more than 25 alcoholic drinks in his system. He was at a point where he could not see what cards were in his hands. Instead of stopping him from gambling further, the casino just put more drinks in front of him.”

Not only has he put a stop payment order on the bill issued by the casino, he is also suing them for sullying his name. The case is now in front of the Nevada gambling control board, who should have a ruling in a few months. There have been previous cases of gamblers winning suits against the casino, and if Mr. Johnston can provide evidence as to the extent of his drunkenness, he is in line to be awarded a lot of compensation.

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High Roller Tournaments – The Australian Roots


As showdown poker has gained popularity over the past 10 years, the roots of this movement can be attributed, at least in part, to the television exposure garnered for the big events. In 2006, The Aussie Million introduced the “$100,000 Challenge” as a made for TV event. Ten of the best players in the world paid a buy in of $100,000 and made history. The winner of the first $100,000 Challenge was John Juanda.

The Effect of This Innovation in the World of Poker

These big buy-in showdowns were an immediate hit with the players and fans. The top names in poker began targeting these events and wealthy amateurs finally had tournaments worthy of their time. The fans were excited to see all the superstars lined up against each other in short fields in one and two days events. This led to more television exposure as these tournament were easier to cover and promote. In 2014, this tournament has grown to 76 players and a AU$2.0 million first prize.

Upping the Ante

These showdowns are now popping up at the largest venues around the world. Due to this popularity, The Crown Casino is introducing the new “$250,000 Challenge” which will be the closing event at the 2014 Aussie Million Tournament.

In the world of poker, things just keep getting bigger and better. The credit goes to the big promoters like the Crown Casino who pay attention and give the people want they want.

Zynga to Bring Real Money Poker to Facebook


Whether it is due to its very popular Facebook games or the numerous sources of controversy in the last couple of years, it is safe to say that everybody on the Internet has heard of Zynga. The social gaming giant has now taken a new step in the world of Facebook by introducing a brand new poker client. This client will allow Facebook members to enjoy real money poker. Due to the use of real money, this is a feature that can only be accessed by players who are based within the United Kingdom.

As some may recall, this is not the first venture that Zynga has made into the market of real money poker. In fact, it was back in April 2013 when the social gaming company introduced the Zynga Plus Poker product; this is a product that uses the partypoker software and network in order to allow real money gambling. Much like the recently launched app, Zynga Plus Poker can only be used by those who reside in the United Kingdom. At the time that it was launched, the poker community could only speculate what kind of effects the heavy player base of Zynga would have on the traffic at partypoker. However, the waters seemed to remain undisturbed as there looked to be no difference to the number of players on partypoker.

A few months later in July 2013, Zynga decided to go against its original plans to enter the United States real money market for online poker, releasing a statement that notes the company feels its big calling is to profit from free to play social games. With the release of the newest Zynga Plus Poker app on the UK Facebook, it looks as if though the company may have reconsidered its stance with real money poker–at least within the regulated markets.

The new Facebook app still uses the technology of partypoker and its traffic, but it now is fully integrated with the website and no longer requires that players download the partypoker client in order to engage in real money online poker gaming.

Lottery Winnings In The UK Are Used For Good Cause

The lottery can be seductive. The idea of winning £10,000, £100,000 or more is what has lured a lot of people into buying a ultimate-bet-poker-tablelottery ticket for one of the lottery games provided in the UK.

Recent winnings were to help save the St. Peter’s seminary, located in Cardross.

An arts charity was given £565,000 to save a derelict building, which is known by many as a masterpiece when it comes to modern architecture.

The Grant

The Heritage Lottery Fund issued £565,000 to NVA as a way to develop restoration plans for St. Peter’s Seminary. While the organisation still needs to raise another £7.5 million to complete the project, the grant is a good place to start.

Certain parts will be restored with the money that they have already given. This includes restoring the chapel. The rest of the site will be maintained with the money, allowing visitors to come in and walk through the modern ruins.

After 25 years of declining, the grant was able to give the building a second life. The seminary building is known throughout the world and it is only right that it is preserved.

The Scottish building has a variety of unique designs. This includes zig zags in the concrete as well as a modern structure. It was designed by Gillespie, Kidd and Coia, architects from Glasgow.

The Heritage Lottery Fund

The Heritage Lottery Fund in Scotland has used the money from the lottery in many different ways – and preserving history and architecture is one of them.

For people who do not claim their winnings by the deadline, the money is put back into the fund and used within the community. It can be said that lottery winnings was responsible for saving St. Peter’s Seminary.

Whether a person collects their winnings or not, the lottery is used to fund various projects. Countries around the globe utilise their lottery winnings to be able to improve upon communities and provide grant money to deserving organisations and groups that have a plan to enhance life or preserve history in one way or another.

Big Tickets In Canada Need To Be Claimed

A recent drawing in Canada resulted in a person sharing a jackpot with two other players. Winners have already come Texas-Holdem-pokerforward in Western Canada and Quebec. There is one more winner in Ajax, though the person has not come forward with the ticket.

Each ticket in the 6/49 drawing is worth $1,666,666.70.

There are a few other lottery tickets that haven’t been claimed as of yet, too. This includes an ENCORE ticket in Barrie that’s worth $1 million and second prize pool earnings where the ticket is worth more than $62,000.

There is only a limited time for lottery winners to contact the lottery agency to let them know that they have won. While this is generally sufficient time, there are instances where the money goes uncollected.

If someone has the winning lottery ticket, they need to come forward to collect their prize. If the deadline passes, a person has lost out on their ability to collect the money – which means that they gave up a significant amount of money.

Lottery Scams

When many people hear about lottery tickets that need to be claimed, they think of the lottery scams that take place all over the Internet.

These scams usually involve a person requesting help to claim a lottery ticket. They contact unsuspecting people to ask for help with claiming the lottery ticket in exchange for some of the winnings. This is one of the biggest scams going.

No one gets awarded any money. Instead, a person can find that their identity is stolen or their checking account is wiped clean by providing personal information to a complete stranger.

Claiming the Real Tickets

In Canada, there are winning tickets that haven’t been claimed as of yet. The lottery board knows where the tickets were bought but not who bought them. When they are trying to get the person to come forward before the deadline, they will publicize the fact that the tickets have not been claimed.

This sends out the message that everyone should double check their lottery tickets to find out if they are a winner.

Perfected Your Poker Face? Perfect Your Arm Movements For The Ultimate Poker Trick

Though the term “poker face” has been used to describe an expression of true, unfaltering confidence for ages, a study of college students proved that “poker stance” may be the more appropriate term. The study showed that poker players are more likely to show confidence in their hand through body language, mainly arm movements, rather than the stiffness of their faces.

Poker face refers to a poker player, or anyone, really, being able to control their facial muscles in a way that shows no visible emotions; but to truly fool other players, ladies and gentlemen at poker tables should spend more time focusing on controlling the movements of their bodies, especially their arms. For example, players should use a confident motion when they add chips to the pot. poker arm movementConfidence when pushing chips towards the center during bet making shows that a player is extremely satisfied with their hand.

The body language study, conducted by Tufts University researchers, was published in Psychological Science, a well respected journal. The study involved showing video clips to its 78 college aged participants in three separate group experiments. Participants were asked to carefully examine the levels of confidence shown by the poker players in the clips.

The video clips showed professional players during tournaments. In order to see which parts of the body showed more confidence, the first group of students watched videos that showed faces and torsos, the second group watched videos showing the players’ arms and torsos. The third group also watched the arms and torsos clips, and rated the players’ confidence levels based on the smoothness of their arm motions during play.

The results of the study showed that players with bad hands of cards moved their arms far less smoothly than the players with better card stacks.

Researchers have concluded that though players have spent decades perfecting the ideal “poker face,” they still have to fix obvious body language movements and positioning that give away the confidence levels in their hands.

The study has shown that even the simplest body language movements, including the way players move their arms when betting on a hand, can completely give away the position during a poker tournament.