Mobile Casinos in the UK

It should go without saying that the world of online gambling is extremely fast paced. There are far too many things happening – new casinos entering the market, new games being introduced, new bonuses being drafted in – for players to keep track of. Mobile casinos take this pace a notch or two higher.

uk mobile casinoFactors that make mobile casinos crowd favourites in the UK

There should be little doubt that mobile casinos have enormous following in the UK. Here are some major factors why mobile casinos have become so popular with the UK players.

  • Mobile casinos provide safe environment to enjoy one’s favourite mobile games, with far better convenience.
  • Most of the major casinos offer dedicated smartphone and tablet apps that can seamlessly emulate the computer experience.
  • Most casinos offer special discounts, bonuses and promotions applicable exclusively for mobile casinos.

Which one to choose?

With so many options available, the classical ‘problem of the plenty’ is faced by many gamers and gamblers in the UK. To help you decide, here’s a quick roundup of the best mobile casinos in the UK.

Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise is a popular online casino that offers state-of-the-art mobile experience with dedicated apps for Android and iOS. Live dealer games are also available in mobile mode. is a hugely popular online casino whose mobile avatar is just as good, if not better. Special bonuses of up to £800, made available for mobile casino registrants further sweeten the whole experience.

32Red Casino

32Red Casino offers some of the fastest live dealer experiences on the go. With exclusive partnerships with NetEnt and PlayTech, availability of the latest games is always in the positive. Enticing bonuses and promotions make sure that 32Red Casino is always a good choice for some quick mobile gambling.

Must Try Games at Casinos in Asia

Betting and gambling have provided joy and excitement to people across varied financial backgrounds across centuries since Roman times. Though land-based casinos in several Asian nations have been banned but online casinos are accessible in few of them bringing this gaming facility to people in these locations. These offer several gaming options to people like slots, keno, bingo, roulette, blackjack and poker. In locations where both types of casinos are legal in South East Asia traditional card games have also been integrated into popular games from around the world.



Bingo is a game of numbers wherein players are given tickets in matrix of 5*5 and have to match randomly given numbers. Players have to cross out numbers given on their tickets as they are called out and as soon as pattern is completed they have to call out Bingo. Card has to get checked for accuracy and then winner is declared after verification.


It is another popular game of luck than of strategy which allows players to relax without getting tense about moves and numbers. While land-based roulette is more interactive and players can enjoy company of friends while playing, online roulette can also be fun with live dealers.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is an intriguing game that is played by placing bet on any of the six symbols given in the game table. Players’ destiny depends on the wheel which is divided into equal sections separated by pins and is spun hard to decide the winner. When the wheel stops and pointer lies between two pins, players that have bet on symbol where it stops will be declared winners and will have to share the prize money.

Baccarat in Asia

The Talisman group has popularised EZ baccarat in Japan and elsewhere in Asia with symbols of dragons and pandas. It is popular in Macau and in this game standard 52 card decks are used without any jokers and wild cards.

UK Online Casino Reviews: UK’s Finest Casinos

As one of the worlds’ gambling epicentres, the United Kingdom is home to a rather startling array of both online casinos and land-based casinos. At present, the UK’s online gaming industry acts to serve not only millions of domestic users, but innumerable players all over the globe. As of April 2015, the finest UK-based online casinos are as follows:

Casino UK

Betway Casino

Offering very simplistic and absolutely free sign-up for all new customers, Betway Casino is traditional in the sense that it specialises in three of gambling most fundamental games: poker, baccarat and blackjack. On top of these, there are a whole bunch (400 in fact) of slots of both the three and five reel variety.

Winning an abundance of new clients over in recent months on account of its pretty-much irresistible welcoming bonus scheme, Betway is only just getting started!

Mr Green Casino

Any online casino which endeavours as far as to offer all new players 100 bonus spins and a 100% bonus on their first deposit is going to fair pretty well, providing their name gets out and about. Mr Green casino is a rather new, but nonetheless very tantalising, UK-based online casino which offers users an extremely comprehensive range of video slots, roulettes and card gaming options – this is one certainly worthy of exploration.

Karamba Casino

Specialisation is something which is rather new in the world of the casino, however many would argue that it is completely necessary given the sheer abundance of choice out there for the average punter. If an online casino wishes to stand apart at all, it is in their very best interests not only to find a way to prove itself as unique, but to communicate this to their clients at each and every available level. Karamba Casino does slots, video slots to be precise. Hundreds of them in fact!

Gambling King Phil Ivey Got Himself in Hot Water with Baccarat

Phil IveyIn a strange twist that seems like something right out of a Hollywood movie, 2014 actually brought baccarat into the limelight when a poker legend, Phil Ivey, crossed the line. He is under fire with two lawsuits from the Borgata casino in Las Vegas and the Crockford’s casino in London. The basis for the claims: using the baccarat tactic known as edge-sorting. With his sidekick, Cheng Yin Sun, in cahoots, the two players allegedly cheated the Borgata out of approximately $10 million dollars and another $12 million form Crockford’s.

Edge-sorting is the Name of the Game
In a move that was considered a hustle in the midst of incompetence on the part of two casinos across the globe, Ivy became headline news. While his skill in the game of poker is undeniable, he took the gambling world by surprise by allegedly cheating. With the help of his accomplice, they managed to read the backs of Gemaco playing cards that were flawed in design. In turn, the players could single out high and low cards, giving themselves a five percent advantage over the casino. The game was no longer simply a matter of chance.

The Tables Have Turned
Ivey and Sun may have raked in the winnings as a dynamic duo, but Ivey suffered the consequences. He faced the music with two court dates and even admitted his guilt in using baccarat’s edge-cutting during his winning sweep at the two casinos in question. However, in his defense, Ivey claimed that edge-cutting is a technique that can be considered a skill, therefore fair play. In the end,Ivey was required to pay up the full amount of Crockford’s losses. The outcome with the Borgata remains to be seen, but suggests Ivey should leave Baccarat out of the equation when he sits down at the poker table.

Guaranteed $200K Winnings Every Sunday with PartyPoker

Partypoker owns Sundays now with its $200K guaranteed weekly prize pool that gives you 200,000 reasons to spice up your weekend.

Best value Sunday

Sunday, August 10, was a big day for Irish Patrick ‘clicki88’ Clarke as he reigned supreme at the $200K Guaranteed Sunday.

Battling a total of 941 participants, Clarke saw the day come to a close with an outstanding score of $27,900. $200K Guaranteed Sunday is quickly turning into a valued weekly tournament across all online gaming sites.

Over and above, the tournament invariably misses its $200K guarantee, and ends up with Partypoker left to make up for the shortfall. Last week saw the game provider adding a smattering $24,974 to the prize pool.

Poker Play

The final table

The tournament ran on for almost nine hours before coming down to nine players at the final table. Of the nine final contestants, idgafrly held a massive stack of 1,184,164 chips, while winner Clarke took fifth place with a decent 419,346 chips.

After a rigorous 45 hands, the final table lost its first player in TheBlueBomber. Run out at ninth spot, TheBlueBomber busted out on a double-up, which took clicki88 up to a near 800,000 chips.

Another nine hands were played until Mmaduro76 was sent home by clicki88, now sitting easy at 1.34 million chips. It was around 45 hands later that YesToCarrots fought to hold his place against BorisBoorda, but came short. YesToCarrots had to leave with almost 1 million chips in his stack.

Coinflips was the winning order of the day, and saw sixth player Mette_Vuns exit the table after an unsuccessful attempt against clicki88.

An exhilarating 95 hands later, BorisBoorda finally went bust and out at fifth place after he ran into a couple of pocket aces.

Idgafrly was the next to leave the table at fourth place, leaving kengerro, Hunt1986, and the champ clicki88 to battle it out.

clicki88 won his first every Sunday Major at partypoker after defeating Hunt1986 in an epic betting round that opened with a 100,000 raise and was packed with action throughout.

Two Great and Engaging Alternatives Games to Playing Poker

Poker has a ton of fans out there, as it’s one of the most popular card games in existence. Poker will always be an engaging game, but sometimes players will find themselves in a slump and want to spice things up. For them, the best medicine is to try one of the numerous poker variations out there. There are all sorts of them available, and they’re each a ton of fun in their own right. Let’s take a look at two of these variations and see exactly how they’re played.

Midnight Baseball

play pokerThis is a game that’s a lot like Seven-Card No Peek. In Midnight Baseball, cards start face down and will be slowly revealed with each passing turn and each new bet. This can be played with either seven or nine cards, but it’s best to go with nine, which is the number of innings in a baseball game (where the name of the game comes from). In addition to that, players can buy an extra card when a four is exposed, while threes and nines are wild cards. There are a lot of opportunities to bet in this game, and with the added wild cards, it makes this game very engaging and fast paced.

How do I play?

Players will be dealt nine cards at the beginning, all face down. Anyone who peeks at the cards early on will be immediately disqualified. The dealer will turn over one of their cards for the player to their left to beat. That player must then beat the revealed card, and once they do they can place a bet. The next player has to beat the previous player. Exposed fours come with a buying option and threes and nines are wild. Whoever has the best five-card poker hand will win the pot. For additional information, look here.

Chinese Poker

This is a version of poker that’s very popular amongst professional players where the stakes can be really high. It’s also referred to as “Pusoy” and was founded in China to widespread popularity. The rules are very straight forward and there’s a lot of luck involved, which can lead to unexpected wins.

How is it played?

Each player starts with thirteen cards. They’re then organized by strength as two five card hands and a three card hand. Players then pit their strongest hands against one another, their middle hands, and then their weakest hands. Each won hand is a point, and an extra point is given for winning best of three, meaning four points per game. Betting is done by the point. More info about Chinese Poker can be found here.

Casino MK Continues to Thrive

Casino MK, owned by Aspers, is the second Super Casino in the United Kingdom. There was much debate when it was opening six months ago, but it is clear that this project has been a resounding success. Figures show that more than 12,000 people visited the casino during its first four days of opening, with hundreds of thousands visiting in the following months. It has become a social hub in Milton Keynes, and has brought plenty of business to a previously struggling area.

Casino MK

Richard Noble, CEO of the Aspers Group, believes that this casino is a resounding success. He says that the casino’s success has exceeded his expectations, with more than 90% of visitors claiming they were happy with the experience and would visit again. With 108 slot machines, a 150-seat poker room, and 22 gambling tables, this is the largest casino outside of the London area.

Aspers are not done with their plans to build super casinos. With the success of Casino MK boosting their profits, they are looking to build a third super casino in Southampton. This casino would be located at Royal Pier, and is estimated to cost between 330 to 450 million pounds.

There may be other companies that compete with Aspers for the right to create that casino, with many companies realizing the benefit of having super casinos as opposed to small betting shops.

Casino MK is a truly impressive sight. When you walk into the casino, you will see the gaming floor immediately. There are more than 100 slot machines, 76 live gaming terminals, 17 poker tables and four sports betting terminals to choose from. Games such as roulette, blackjack, three card poker, punto banco and super wheel are always on, with novices and experienced players mingling and having a great time.

They also have a great restaurant on the premises, along with multiple bars. Tanzibar, their multi-media sports bar, has to be seen to be believed. Casino MK is heaven for any type of gambler, which is why it has been so successful.

For more information on Casino MK, click here.

JackpotCity Casino Will Now Allow Paypal Transactions

Since online casinos have started doing business, they have allowed accounts to be funded with credit cards, debit cards, and checking accounts. JackpotCity Casino announced on September 5, 2013 that they will add PayPal to the list of web wallets that they accept. Players throughout the United Kingdom will be able to add this as a way to fund their accounts with the online casino.

PayPal makes it easy to accept payments online and make money transfers. The e-commerce company operates globally and is the most widely used e-wallet around the globe. It is used throughout 190 countries, which includes the UK. Sending, receiving, and holding funds can be done so in 24 different currencies.

JackpotCity Casino Will Now Allow Paypal TransactionsPayPal was founded in 1998 and new technology is being added all the time. People are able to request money and there is now a mobile app that can make it easier to interact with one’s account.

JackpotCity Casino recently identified that players are looking for easier ways to deposit and withdraw money. While players have plenty of options already, PayPal is the most widely used e-wallet, so it only seems right that it should be added as another option for players. PayPal also uses state-of-the-art encryption tools along with fraud prevention technology, so suspicious activity is always being tracked. This is just one of the reasons why players want to fund their accounts with PayPal.

Players who go onto JackpotCity Casino can choose to fund their account using any method possible. When they are ready to collect their winnings, they will have the option to transfer to PayPal as well. For those who do not yet have a PayPal account, they will be given the option to create one instantly.

JackpotCity Casino feels that by adding PayPal as an option, they are positioning themselves to take their online gaming platform to the next level. There are a variety of games that players can enjoy on the website including slots, blackjack, and roulette. Players have already begun using PayPal to fund their accounts.

With JackpotCity accepting PayPal, it’s only a matter of time before more online casinos begin doing to the same.

Maple Casino Voted Best Canadian Online Casino

Casino Jones puts together a list of approved online casinos that have been rigorously and comprehensively vetted and tested for fair game play and prompt customer service. Only those casinos that are fully licensed and independently regulated and monitored for fair and efficient game play make it to the list, so you can be sure that Maple Casino is a safe bet!

Casino Jones also recognized Maple Casino for their lucrative bonus offers. Players can receive a no-deposit bonus of up to $1,250 and a 150% match bonus when signing up! Maple Casino also offers deposit bonuses for a player’s first three deposits. On the first deposit, a player receives a 100% bonus or up to $100 free. The second deposit gives a player a 50% bonus or up to $100 free, and the third deposit gives a player a 200% bonus or up to $100 free.

Maple Casino

Above: Maple Casinos newly revamped website.

Maple Casino also offers a “Free Play” Casino bonus. This bonus game is free to enter, and the player receives $3,000 free and has 60 minutes to win as much as he or she can, and the player keeps all of their winnings! With bonuses like these, it’s clear why Maple Casino was voted the best online casino for Canadian players!

Maple Casino is the safest online casino in Canada, and is fully licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authorities of Malta and is certified by eCOGRA. User accounts are protected by digital encryption technology, so that your earnings stay safe and accessible only to you! Maple Casino is powered by Microgaming, the world leader in casino software development, so you know that your gaming experience will go smoothly and will provide hours of fun!

Maple Casino also offers 24/7 player support. Players in need of assistance can either call for assistance (telephone support is available in six countries) or can email for support (email support provided in seven languages). Their prompt and courteous customer support will resolve issues quickly.

For more information on Maple Casino, visit