Businessman Sues Vegas Casino for $500,000

A prominent United States businessman is suing a high profile Las Vegas casino after claiming that he lost $500,000 while gambling drunk. Mark Johnston is an avid gambler, having frequented casinos around the world. He has lost and won plenty of money, and claims to never have caused such a stir before. Those facts make his claims all the more startling. The 50 year old says that he was duped into gambling while he was heavily intoxicated, and ended up spending close to 17 hours gambling.

Mark JohnstonNevada law clearly states that a gambler who appears to be drunk should not bee allowed to gamble. Casinos adopt a selective policy when it comes to that law, but this lawsuit shines a bright light on their practices. Mr. Johnston, a car dealership owner, says that he lost the money during Super Bowl weekend. He testifies that he already consumed ten drinks before he entered the Downtown Grand Casino, where he was served a further TWENTY alcoholic drinks by waitresses.

He admits that he is responsible for his prior drunkenness, but claimed that what the casino did to him was the equivalent of pick pocketing a drunk man who is stumbling down the street. His lawyer says that this case points to extraordinary fraud on the casino’s side. “My client was blackout drunk and ended up with more than 25 alcoholic drinks in his system. He was at a point where he could not see what cards were in his hands. Instead of stopping him from gambling further, the casino just put more drinks in front of him.”

Not only has he put a stop payment order on the bill issued by the casino, he is also suing them for sullying his name. The case is now in front of the Nevada gambling control board, who should have a ruling in a few months. There have been previous cases of gamblers winning suits against the casino, and if Mr. Johnston can provide evidence as to the extent of his drunkenness, he is in line to be awarded a lot of compensation.

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