Mobile Casinos in the UK

It should go without saying that the world of online gambling is extremely fast paced. There are far too many things happening – new casinos entering the market, new games being introduced, new bonuses being drafted in – for players to keep track of. Mobile casinos take this pace a notch or two higher.

uk mobile casinoFactors that make mobile casinos crowd favourites in the UK

There should be little doubt that mobile casinos have enormous following in the UK. Here are some major factors why mobile casinos have become so popular with the UK players.

  • Mobile casinos provide safe environment to enjoy one’s favourite mobile games, with far better convenience.
  • Most of the major casinos offer dedicated smartphone and tablet apps that can seamlessly emulate the computer experience.
  • Most casinos offer special discounts, bonuses and promotions applicable exclusively for mobile casinos.

Which one to choose?

With so many options available, the classical ‘problem of the plenty’ is faced by many gamers and gamblers in the UK. To help you decide, here’s a quick roundup of the best mobile casinos in the UK.

Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise is a popular online casino that offers state-of-the-art mobile experience with dedicated apps for Android and iOS. Live dealer games are also available in mobile mode. is a hugely popular online casino whose mobile avatar is just as good, if not better. Special bonuses of up to £800, made available for mobile casino registrants further sweeten the whole experience.

32Red Casino

32Red Casino offers some of the fastest live dealer experiences on the go. With exclusive partnerships with NetEnt and PlayTech, availability of the latest games is always in the positive. Enticing bonuses and promotions make sure that 32Red Casino is always a good choice for some quick mobile gambling.

Safe Online Casinos in the UK

Determining whether or not mobile or online casinos are safe for play is a process which becomes much easier with experience. The more you are around and are able to familiarise yourself with online casinos and their formats, the more of a sense you will grow for detecting unstable or unsafe environments.

microgaming-logoFor the most part, all gaming websites that show up either in legitimate advertising campaigns or trustworthy search engine results will, by default, be safe. The modern internet is very good at weeding out the undesirables, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take every single measure that is possible in order to ensure maximum safety. After all, there is money at stake here.

One rule of thumb when getting a feel for the safety of a mobile gaming service is to look at the software they use. If they stock games by the likes of Cryptologic or Microgaming, they are surely legit – as these companies are very strict in terms of licensing about who they do business with. By conducting a little research about these companies respectively, you’ll be able to better judge which platforms are good and which are bad.

Another way to detect safety in this industry is to examine what a website proudly or obviously displays on its pages as far as licensing and regulative certifications. If, for example, they’re proudly (and recently!) certified by the likes of eCOGRA then it’ll be safe. Once more, research on the matter will provide a significant advantage.

A general examination of any casinos website will definitely provide you with all of the information you need in order to make a competent decision – should you know what to be looking out for that is. You can make a start by reading up on licensing regulations – which nations have stricter terms.

The Strange Legal Status of Online Gambling in Germany

Although the legality of online gambling and sports betting in Germany is considered to be complex and contradictory, the actual enforcement of the laws is very lax due to numerous legal challenges that arise each time German laws are amended or updated.

European Union lawsIn 2012, German lawmakers approved a legislative proposal that would actually prohibit online casinos and Internet poker while assigning no more than 20 official permits for sports permits. The Bundestag has not moved to enact the new and controversial legislation due to jurisdictional challenges, which include what seems to be a contravention of European Union laws.

Online Sports Betting in Germany

The prospect of 20 licenses issued to sportsbooks for the purpose of legally operating in Germany for seven years has been welcomed by the online gambling industry, particularly because the current situation is that of a national wagering monopoly controlled by a single business entity known as Oddset. The European Union agrees that breaking up the monopoly is a good idea, but it would also like to see German legislation that is not too restrictive with regard to online sports betting.

Online Casinos in Germany

It may be difficult to believe that online casinos and Internet poker are currently illegal under German law. As expected, the rationale for this ban is that the people of Germany are concerned about the risks of gambling addiction and money laundering; however, the German market is one of the most lucrative for online casino operators.

The European Commission is concerned about how the law affects the reality of the current situation in Germany, which is that millions of people play at offshore casinos or at the local black market servers. By choosing to ban online gaming action, Germany may actually be increasing risk of criminal involvement.

Must Try Games at Casinos in Asia

Betting and gambling have provided joy and excitement to people across varied financial backgrounds across centuries since Roman times. Though land-based casinos in several Asian nations have been banned but online casinos are accessible in few of them bringing this gaming facility to people in these locations. These offer several gaming options to people like slots, keno, bingo, roulette, blackjack and poker. In locations where both types of casinos are legal in South East Asia traditional card games have also been integrated into popular games from around the world.



Bingo is a game of numbers wherein players are given tickets in matrix of 5*5 and have to match randomly given numbers. Players have to cross out numbers given on their tickets as they are called out and as soon as pattern is completed they have to call out Bingo. Card has to get checked for accuracy and then winner is declared after verification.


It is another popular game of luck than of strategy which allows players to relax without getting tense about moves and numbers. While land-based roulette is more interactive and players can enjoy company of friends while playing, online roulette can also be fun with live dealers.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is an intriguing game that is played by placing bet on any of the six symbols given in the game table. Players’ destiny depends on the wheel which is divided into equal sections separated by pins and is spun hard to decide the winner. When the wheel stops and pointer lies between two pins, players that have bet on symbol where it stops will be declared winners and will have to share the prize money.

Baccarat in Asia

The Talisman group has popularised EZ baccarat in Japan and elsewhere in Asia with symbols of dragons and pandas. It is popular in Macau and in this game standard 52 card decks are used without any jokers and wild cards.

UK Online Casino Reviews: UK’s Finest Casinos

As one of the worlds’ gambling epicentres, the United Kingdom is home to a rather startling array of both online casinos and land-based casinos. At present, the UK’s online gaming industry acts to serve not only millions of domestic users, but innumerable players all over the globe. As of April 2015, the finest UK-based online casinos are as follows:

Casino UK

Betway Casino

Offering very simplistic and absolutely free sign-up for all new customers, Betway Casino is traditional in the sense that it specialises in three of gambling most fundamental games: poker, baccarat and blackjack. On top of these, there are a whole bunch (400 in fact) of slots of both the three and five reel variety.

Winning an abundance of new clients over in recent months on account of its pretty-much irresistible welcoming bonus scheme, Betway is only just getting started!

Mr Green Casino

Any online casino which endeavours as far as to offer all new players 100 bonus spins and a 100% bonus on their first deposit is going to fair pretty well, providing their name gets out and about. Mr Green casino is a rather new, but nonetheless very tantalising, UK-based online casino which offers users an extremely comprehensive range of video slots, roulettes and card gaming options – this is one certainly worthy of exploration.

Karamba Casino

Specialisation is something which is rather new in the world of the casino, however many would argue that it is completely necessary given the sheer abundance of choice out there for the average punter. If an online casino wishes to stand apart at all, it is in their very best interests not only to find a way to prove itself as unique, but to communicate this to their clients at each and every available level. Karamba Casino does slots, video slots to be precise. Hundreds of them in fact!

Li Wins $457,000 Dollars in 24 Hours

Yuguang Li, a 36-year-old businessman from China, has just gone through the best two days of his life, at least as far as poker is concerned. For Li, whose previous biggest win of $12,421 for a fifth place finish came in the 2014 APPT Asia Championship of Poker, winning a second tournament less than twenty four hours after his first tournament win had to be a surreal experience.

Lin Haisan

The big news occurred on the thirteenth and fourteenth of March in the twenty second edition of the Macau Poker Cup. The two events that Li won were the Red Dragon Main Event and the High Roller. The Macau Poker Cup attracts some of the top players in the world.

The MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event

Friday the thirteenth proved to be an auspicious day for Li. The Red Dragon Main Event, that attracted 987 unique players, netted Li a whopping HK$ 1,848,000, approximately $238,000 (US dollars). To win the event, Li overcame fellow Chinese Yunye Lu, thereby also getting himself a seat in the ACOP main event.

The MPC22 High Roller

Less than a day after winning the Red Dragon Main Event, Li did it again, and this time he pocketed HK$ 1,647,000, approximately $212,000 (US dollars). Li had to overcome a playground of 67 other contestants, which had dwindled down to 34 by the last day of the event. Only the top seven made the money, leaving the other 27 empty handed, with Li taking the grand prize.

There have not been many other such great two day runs for poker players and certainly never at PokerStars Live Macau. While this tournament looks to be on its way to be remembered as one the most memorable Asian poker tournaments, Li, however, will be hoping that this will be the first and second of his many victories to come.

Full Tilt Classic: Poker Back to the Basics

Full Tilt is well-known for providing exciting poker tournaments over the years. Full Tilt will now go back to the basics with an online championship poker tournament. The Full Tilt Classic Tournament will take place from February 15th-22nd. This intriguing poker event will feature sixteen freeze out tournaments over a period of eight days. The tournament will also feature two challenging daily deep-stack freeze out tournaments.

Full Tilt ClassicThe series will showcase two premium daily deep-stack freeze outs for players that are interested in putting their skills to the test. One freeze out will be a No Limit Hold’em affair. The other freeze out will allow direct buy-ins on the first day. The buyout will start at $0.50. The buy-ins will increase as the series progresses. The Main Event will have close to $200,000 in the pot on Sunday.

An improved update to the Full Tilt Tournament offering will also be introduced during the new series. Buy-ins will be available for Sit & Go’s and Multi-Table Tournaments. Full Tilt officials have also decided to add new satellites to the schedule.

Free for All

Players participating in a Full Tilt Classic Event will receive a freeroll ticket. The freeroll ticket will give them the opportunity to move their entry to the corresponding event that will take place the following day. The Classic Freeroll and the Hold’em Freeroll will take place every day during the series.

Last Longer Tournament

Players will be in a position to win even more valuable prizes if they satellite into a Full Tilt Classic Event. Players will automatically gain entry into the Satellite Last Longer Tournament. Players will only be required to outlast other players in order to win a ticket to the Full Tilt Classic Main Event Tournament.

Gambling King Phil Ivey Got Himself in Hot Water with Baccarat

Phil IveyIn a strange twist that seems like something right out of a Hollywood movie, 2014 actually brought baccarat into the limelight when a poker legend, Phil Ivey, crossed the line. He is under fire with two lawsuits from the Borgata casino in Las Vegas and the Crockford’s casino in London. The basis for the claims: using the baccarat tactic known as edge-sorting. With his sidekick, Cheng Yin Sun, in cahoots, the two players allegedly cheated the Borgata out of approximately $10 million dollars and another $12 million form Crockford’s.

Edge-sorting is the Name of the Game
In a move that was considered a hustle in the midst of incompetence on the part of two casinos across the globe, Ivy became headline news. While his skill in the game of poker is undeniable, he took the gambling world by surprise by allegedly cheating. With the help of his accomplice, they managed to read the backs of Gemaco playing cards that were flawed in design. In turn, the players could single out high and low cards, giving themselves a five percent advantage over the casino. The game was no longer simply a matter of chance.

The Tables Have Turned
Ivey and Sun may have raked in the winnings as a dynamic duo, but Ivey suffered the consequences. He faced the music with two court dates and even admitted his guilt in using baccarat’s edge-cutting during his winning sweep at the two casinos in question. However, in his defense, Ivey claimed that edge-cutting is a technique that can be considered a skill, therefore fair play. In the end,Ivey was required to pay up the full amount of Crockford’s losses. The outcome with the Borgata remains to be seen, but suggests Ivey should leave Baccarat out of the equation when he sits down at the poker table.

Unpopular Changes Coming to Top Poker Sites

It’s likely no coincidence that PokerStars and other companies are announcing new fees, as the United Kingdom Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act’s provisions kick in this month. The stricter requirements for remote gambling operators’ licensure and the new 15% consumption tax have already forced out many operators from the British market, including Carbon Poker, SBOBet, Mansion Online Poker, and PokerStars French website.

Poker Sites

Michael Jolsem, a public relations representative for PokerStars, made no mention of the changing laws in a blog post addressing the upcoming changes, instead focusing on positive messaging.

“If we can grow poker, everyone will benefit. Even our competitors will benefit, because in a rising tide, all ships rise.”

The change in PokerStars terms of service do, however, raise questions about who will be paying for these new UK laws, as they surgically target not British pounds or euros, but various unsupported currencies for a 2.5% charge. If, as seems likely, these fees come as a response to new legislation, it would seem the expense has been passed on to residents of other nations.

These aren’t the only recent changes to hit PokerStars. The operator has also discontinued service to 30 markets that previously provided the company with tax-free revenues, cutting in to bottom lines further. In light of all these changes to the Poker giant’s revenue streams, it’s no wonder that visiting gamblers will see the cost of doing business passed down the line—but one must wonder how the decisions of who gets charged are being made.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Poker Fans

Holiday season is in full swing. One of the dilemmas this time of the year is about the right gifts for family and friends. Here is some help if you are looking for gifts for someone who is a poker fan.


Poker BooksThere is nothing more exciting for hardcore poker fans than experiencing the buzz at live tournaments. If you have the moolah, you can buy a loved one a buy-in to a major poker tournament. The biggest poker event of the year of course, is the World Series of Poker (WSOP) with a buy-in of $10000 for the main event. However, you can also get the by-in for low amounts as well for smaller bracelet events. Buy-ins for other poker events around the world are also nice gift ideas for poker lovers.


Books are the perfect gift for any occasion. For poker fans who love to read you can find a great selection to suit your budget. One interesting read is the biography of Stuart Unger by Peter Alson and Nolan Dalla. It is titled “One of a Kind” and details the life of one of the greatest poker players.

Other good titles are “The Education of a Poker Player” by Herbert O. Yardley; Aaron Brown’s “The Poker Face of Wall Street” and “Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion” by Doug Swanson, which is the biography of the man who launched WSOP. These biographies are colourful accounts of poker personalities will certainly be appreciated as gifts.


Who doesn’t love to receive subscription to things they love? If you have a poker fan you need to buy a gift for, how about a subscription for them at a poker training site?

‘Run It Once’ is the place where poker fans can learn game strategies and discuss all things poker for $9.99 per month where along with the basics, you also get access to their video library. Other good places for subscription are ‘CardRunners’ and ‘Tournament Poker Edge’. These subscriptions offer a range of things depending on the rates charged. You can gift a monthly package or an annual package depending on your budget.