Big Tickets In Canada Need To Be Claimed

A recent drawing in Canada resulted in a person sharing a jackpot with two other players. Winners have already come Texas-Holdem-pokerforward in Western Canada and Quebec. There is one more winner in Ajax, though the person has not come forward with the ticket.

Each ticket in the 6/49 drawing is worth $1,666,666.70.

There are a few other lottery tickets that haven’t been claimed as of yet, too. This includes an ENCORE ticket in Barrie that’s worth $1 million and second prize pool earnings where the ticket is worth more than $62,000.

There is only a limited time for lottery winners to contact the lottery agency to let them know that they have won. While this is generally sufficient time, there are instances where the money goes uncollected.

If someone has the winning lottery ticket, they need to come forward to collect their prize. If the deadline passes, a person has lost out on their ability to collect the money – which means that they gave up a significant amount of money.

Lottery Scams

When many people hear about lottery tickets that need to be claimed, they think of the lottery scams that take place all over the Internet.

These scams usually involve a person requesting help to claim a lottery ticket. They contact unsuspecting people to ask for help with claiming the lottery ticket in exchange for some of the winnings. This is one of the biggest scams going.

No one gets awarded any money. Instead, a person can find that their identity is stolen or their checking account is wiped clean by providing personal information to a complete stranger.

Claiming the Real Tickets

In Canada, there are winning tickets that haven’t been claimed as of yet. The lottery board knows where the tickets were bought but not who bought them. When they are trying to get the person to come forward before the deadline, they will publicize the fact that the tickets have not been claimed.

This sends out the message that everyone should double check their lottery tickets to find out if they are a winner.